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Uberlube is your premium lubricant- uniquely designed to improve skin sensation while safely reducing friction.


Uberlube feels natural, performs while in use, the dissipates across your skin leaving a soft, moisturized feel.


Doctor recommended. Made with friendly, inert ingredients. Latex-Compatible.

Uberlube is silicone-based and biostatic. It will not harbour outside yeast, bacteria or mold.


Scentless, tasteless and non-staining- never sticky, tacky or oily.


Use your favorite amount every time with our metered pump. Uberlube will never leak or spill, and there’s never a dodgy cap to close.


Uberlube Good-to-Go travellers are tough, discreet, and perfect for your purse, pocket or gym bag.


Athlete use uberlube as an effective and long lasting anti-chafe. Salons use Uberlube to finish hair and add sheen, seal in moisture and de-frizz.


Understated design is nightstand friendly.


3rd party batch tested to ensure quality standards.


Bottle cleans up easily with a quick soapy rinse- keep your Uberlube fresh as new.


Made in the USA.


Nonreturnable item.


Excluding Sales Tax
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