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  • "Y’all work magic! When I started coming to see dr weaver it wasn’t even for hormone therapy. Never even crossed my mind that she would or could take over my thyroid hormones. Out of the last 7 years that I’ve had no thyroid the last year has been the best. I had a horrible memory gained so much weight (80lbs) I couldn’t sleep at night but was completely exhausted and would fall asleep randomly at the worst times. I couldn’t play outside with my 4 kids without extreme fatigue and pain hitting me quickly. Walking up stairs? Forget it wasn’t happening. Walking up the long driveway to check mail? Nope couldn’t do it. I was only 32 but felt 70. Dr weaver got me started on progesterone and a new thyroid medication and 2 months later I went to the lake with my kids and did the water trampolines and obstacle course every day for a week. I had energy! My heart wasn’t racing I wasn’t out of breath I felt like a kid again. I was sleeping every night rarely had to take a nap. My fatigue was almost gone in just a couple months. My hair is growing again. My nails aren’t paper thin. My skin is youthful. I also started losing weight. It’s been slow but steady and I’m officially down 17lbs the bloat is also gone. I feel human again. Another big change for me is my WBC is back in normal range…idk how or why but it is finally. Who knew 2 tiny pills a day gave me my life back." 🥰

  • "I am 47 years old and I have had one child. I always had issues with frequent urinating. But after having catheter issues after having my daughter 24 years ago, my bladder control has been terrible. After my second Juliet procedure at Weaver Clinics, I have already seen tremendous improvement. Now, I rarely have any feelings like I may pee on myself. Also, I did not think I had any sexual issues, but my sex life has improved! More sensation for me & my husband, and I have more sex drive. The procedure itself was painless. Odd sensation and a slight sting at the vaginal opening but nothing past uncomfortable. I would highly recommend the Juliet to anyone."

  • "I am a 30-year-old mom of two beautiful kids. I delivered both vaginally and since my first baby I have suffered from urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness. Between hormonal imbalances and postpartum depression, sexual activity has just not been the top of my priority list. A friend of mine had the Juliet vaginal treatment done at Weaver Clinics and talked me in to trying it. It’s honestly been one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. With just one treatment my vaginal dryness has probably improved by 70% and I can actually do jumping jacks without wearing a pantiliner. I never told my husband I was having it done and about three weeks after my first treatment he asked if I started a new hormone medication! He noticed a difference! The JULIET was definitely not something I would have just done for myself without the urgency of a really good friend. I definitely recommend all women who have had children, vaginal or C-section, to get at least one treatment. You will NEVER regret it...I promise!"

  • "I have had 2 Juliet vaginal treatments at Weaver Clinics and my results are phenomenal! I had a child vaginally in my 30s and that caused many issues. Coughing and sneezing became an issue, as well as jumping! Since having the procedures I can sneeze, cough, and jump without leaking or wearing "protection". Also, I never thought about dryness issues, but that is definitely not an issue since having the Juliet treatments! It has changed my life! No more embarrassments in my early 30s!!! Thank you Weaver Clinics!"

  • "After having a total hysterectomy at 41 years old, I was prescribed a traditional hormone replacement by my physician. I then decided to pursue my lifelong dream of getting my RN and for the past 20 years my focus has been on women’s health in all age groups. Having had a personal history of anxiety and depression and other health issues, I was thrilled to discover Weaver clinics here in Moore. Dr Kim Weaver had so many of the answers I was looking for. Soon after, I encouraged my husband to see her as well because I realized her approach to more natural hormone therapy and supplements would benefit him as much as it had me. We have been married almost 49 years and are both now enjoying better overall health and wonderful physical relationship for a couple in their late 60s. We are experiencing our second honeymoon at its best!"

  • "None of the ads on television or radio about ED ever attracted me to seek help. But after my wife recommended Dr. Weaver for men’s health, I decided to give it a try. I was very impressed with the overall program that addressed not only testosterone, but the vitamins and minerals necessary to assist older-aged males. She started me on a regiment to address the deficiencies revealed in my bloodwork. Not only did the testosterone boost my libido, it also helped relieve pain throughout my body. And my annual bloodwork makes sure that all my vitamins, minerals and testosterone are in the acceptable range. Dr. Weaver already had me taking Zinc and Vitamin D for a couple years before COVID-19 hit, which put me ahead of the average older person dealing with the pandemic. Because of the improvement in my health I have recommended Dr. Weaver to numerous friends, and would highly her to you too."

  • "During our conversation in my one quarterly visits, Dr. Weaver recommended nitric oxide to support my cardiovascular health. It was just a few weeks that I began to notice an improvement in the clarity of my thinking. Another benefit was the frequency and quality in the physical relationship with my wife. It seemed to double the effects of the testosterone. I’m thankful for her routine visits that makes any helpful changes to my regiment."

  • "I am 55 years old and can’t believe I waited so long to do something about the sweat and odor I have dealt with most of my life. People, I own stock in deodorant! I have it in my car, in my locker at work, in my purse, and extras hidden everywhere. I had to wear certain colors and fabrics to help me camouflage my embarrassing issue. I never could wear a shirt more than 4 or 5 times because it would smell no matter how many times I washed it. I also could never wear a shirt more than 8 hours before I had to change. Never!"

  • "Well folks I finally did it! I had the miraDry procedure and I am absolutely amazed! It does everything it claimed. I no longer have odor 5 minutes after I get out of the shower. I have not sweat one tiny drop since I had the procedure. I feel so confident now!"

  • "What made it a reality for me was that I could finance the procedure. It didn’t take but a few minutes to get approved and was very easy. Honestly, the price scared me, but now that I have had miraDry, I would have paid double that amount!'

  • "I am on my 3rd round of pellets and I LOVE it! I have enough energy to make it through the day and still be able to get up the next day and do it all again." -A. Adcox

  • "The Nurses at Dr. Weaver’s Clinic are amazing!!! I recently had my lips done and I am amazed at how natural they look!! I am so happy with my results!! The staff was professional and very informative. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!!"Thank you ladies!! -S.Lee

  • "So glad I decide to get my pellet after I finished nursing my baby. I feel more alert and I have more energy than ever!" -J. Johnson

  • "Talk about a game changer! I never imagined how important hormones are. My energy level is great, I sleep 100% better and I am able to focus. Thank you Weaver Clinics!" -K. Hamilton

  • "The best place to get Botox and had my first laser hair removal from Cassidy. She is the best at her job!! Thanks you Dr. Weaver for the give a way where I won the laser hair removal!!!" –S.Smith

  • "Dr. Weaver and Ashley you both are AMAZING! I feel 20 years younger. This is simply the BEST health decision I have ever made. I highly recommend this to all your patients." -C. Armstrong

  • "On my 9th pellet. Can't survive without it. No more hot flashes for me. Thank you!" -J. McGowan

  • "I am on my 3rd round of the pellet. Love it. I have enough energy to make it through the day and still be able to have wonderful time with family in the evening. I was going to bed so much earlier just to be able to get up the next day and do it again. Sleeping better is a plus. Best thing is to have my libido back that was lost years ago. I feel younger and have more energy. At least give it a try. It can change your life too." -B. Hawkins

  • "Talk about a game changer! Never would I have imagined how IMPORTANT hormones are to our body! They definitely are not just for libido! (although it's an amazing plus!) My energy level has sky-rocketed, I sleep 100% better, and I am able to focus and concentrate more than I ever have been able to in the past. I wish I would have gotten the pellet in nursing school! However, out of everything, I have to say that the BEST thing I have noticed is my mood swings have leveled out! No more crazy ups and downs or short fuses! Best thing I've done for myself. Now it's hubby's turn for one!" -C. Presgrove

  • "I had my 2nd round of pellets put in today along with a happy B12 shot. I love Dr. Weaver and all her staff they do a great job and I'm feeling better than I have in years." -D. Clevenger

  • "I love my Botox. The injectors provide me with a personalized experience with every visit. The staff is professional and friendly. They are prompt, courteous and confidential. I am thankful and loving my wrinkle free forehead!" –T.Jacob

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